SRA Athlete Assistance & Competition Funding

High performance athletes can qualify for financial support from the Saskatchewan Racquetball Association. This funding comes to the organization through grants from Sask Sport and the Sask Lotteries Fund.

There are two sources of funding:

Other Saskatchewan Racquetball Association Support

Those attending the national championships who do not qualify for provincial team status may also be granted assistance. This is a decision made by the board on a year by year basis pending the number of high performance athletes receiving assistance and the number of others competing in provincial and national events in that year.

Note: There may be errors in the above information as our new website is launched. If there are discrepancies between the information provided on the website and the linked Provincial Team Program and Athlete Assistance Program documents, the documents guide all decisions.

Sask Sport Athlete Assistance 

The following programs are administered by Sask Sport and provide funds to national level athletes or those who have the potential to become national level athletes. These programs are supported by Sask Lotteries Funds.

Athletes qualifying for for Future Best Funding based on 2019 results have not yet been announced. Saskatchewan Racquetball Association athletes supported for their results in 2019 were:

Canadian Sport Centre Saskatchewan

Athletes qualifying for national teams may be eligible to become members of the Canadian Sport Centre Saskatchewan.  For further information about becoming a member of the centre contact Debbie Frattinger (Board of Directors).

Sport Canada Athlete Assistance

National team athletes may be eligible for funding and support from Racquetball Canada and through the Sport Canada Athletes Assistance Program. For more information about the criteria and funding available visit the related section on the Racquetball Canada website.