2024 Nationals a Celebration of Racquetball

CALGARY (May 28, 2024) – The 2024 Racquetball Canada National Championships have come to a close after an exciting week of competition from May 20 to 25 at the University of Calgary Racquet Centre and Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association in Calgary. The Alberta Racquetball Association hosted to close to 150 players from eight provinces who competed in several age and skill categories.

Results from the Open and Junior divisions will impact national team selection. Results also count towards the selection of teams that will represent Canada at the 2024 World Championships

and Junior World Championships.

In Women’s Open singles, Frédérique Lambert (Montréal) finished on top of the podium with a win over Juliette Parent (Saint-Jacques) in Saturday’s final. This is Lambert’s sixth national singles

championship title. Parent has been having a great competitive season, but Lambert’s skill and experience was evident in the final, winning 11-1, 12-10 and 11-6. Danielle Ramsay (Saskatoon) defeated Christine Keay (New Westminster) in the bronze medal match with scores of 11-5, 14-12, 11-2. Ramsay has placed this high at the national championships on two other occasions.

Lambert and Michèle Morissette (Baie-Comeau) teamed up in Women’s Open doubles finishing in first place after being undefeated in round-robin play. This is the third Canadian Open doubles title for the team, but both have won on two other occasions with different partners. Juliette Parent and Marjolaine Parent Saint-Jacques) finished second followed by the team of Keay and Ramsay.

Samuel Murray (Saint-Hubert) claimed his sixth consecutive Men’s Open national title. Murray was to have faced Coby Iwaasa (Lethbridge) in the final, but due to an unavoidable exam scheduling conflict, Iwaasa had to forfeit the match. Kurtis Cullen (Brandon) claimed his second third place finish at the national championship level.

In Men’s Open Doubles, Christian Pocsai (New Hamburg) and Trevor Webb (Kitchener) defeated Samuel Murray and Tommy Murray (St-Basile-le-Grand, QC) in a tight doubles final with scores of

9-11, 11-8, 12-10. 11-9. This is Webb’s second Men’s Open doubles title and Pocsai’s first. Lee Connell (Saskatoon) and Mitch Brayley (Calgary) took bronze in a win against Jeff Buller (Grande Prairie) and Tanner Prentice (Saskatoon) with scores of 11-8, 11-9, 11-5.

In junior divisions, Christian Pocsai emerged as the winner in a very tight Boy’s 21U round robin draw. At the end of round robin play, Pocsai was in a three-way tie with Naman Gauri (Lethbridge) and Nathan Jauvin (Terrebonne). In points for and against, Poscai was on top, with Gauri finishing second and Jauvin third.

Junior champions were also crowned in 18U, 16U, 14U boy’s and girl’s singles age divisions as well as some skill divisions. In addition, champions were determined in several adult age and

skill divisions. See the results summary below for a complete list of the finalists.

Racquetball Canada would like to thank the Alberta Racquetball Association for their hard work and excellent hospitality. Thank you to Ocean Trailer, the sponsor of the National Champions awards and to Gearbox Racquetball and Optic Sports, national sponsors. Thank you also to the Government of Canada for its ongoing support.

The 2025 National Championships will be hosted by Racquetball Ontario next May at the Cedar Springs Health Racquet and Sports Club in Burlington Ontario.

Many of the Open division matches were live-streamed and can be viewed on Racquetball Canada’s Facebook Page and YouTube Channel. The links can be found at the bottom of this release.

Click here to view the complete tournament results.

National Championships Summary

Singles Divisions

Women’s Open Singles

  1. Frédérique Lambert (Montréal, QC)
  2. Juliette Parent (Saint-Jacques, QC)
  3. Danielle Ramsay (Saskatoon, SK)

Men’s Open Singles

  1. Samuel Murray Baie-Comeau, QC)
  2. Coby Iwaasa (Lethbridge, AB)
  3. Kurtis Cullen (Brandon, MB)

Girl’s 14U Singles

  1. Ariana Buller (Grande Prairie, AB)
  2. Halen Pocsai (New Hamburg, ON)

Boy’s 14U Singles

  1. Oren Gouldie (Brandon, MB)
  2. Émile Martel (Saint-Thomas, QC)

Girl’s 16U Singles

  1. Kaitlyn Couckuyt (Brandon, MB)
  2. Lahni Buller (Grande Prairie, AB)

Boy’s 16U Singles

  1. Raphaël Guillemette (St-Antoine sur Richelieu)
  2. Asher Pocsai (New Hamburg, ON)

Girl’s 18U Singles

  1. Ofelia Wilscam (Repentigny, QC)
  2. Chloé Jauvin (Terrebonne, QC)

Boy’s 18U Singles

  1. Leyton Gouldie (Brandon, MB)
  2. Chase Holowachuk (Windsor, ON)

Boy’s 21U Singles

  1. Christian Pocsai (New Hamburg, ON)
  2. Naman Gauri (Lethbridge, AB)
  3. Nathan Jauvin (Terrebonne, QC)

Junior Badge Level 3 Singles

  1. Anna Spitzer (Edmonton, AB)
  2. Halen Pocsai (New Hamburg, ON)

Junior Badge Level 4+ Singles

  1. Oren Gouldie (Brandon, MB)
  2. Émile Martel (Saint-Thomas, QC)

Elite Singles

  1. Hector Avila Prado (Airdrie, AB)
  2. Stephané Parent (Saint-Jacques, QC)

A Singles

  1. Pete Olynick (Winnipeg, MB)
  2. Chris Ebel (Edmonton, AB)

B Singles

  1. Louis Anchondo (Calgary, AB)
  2. Landon Verrall (Grimsby, ON)

C Singles

  1. Mason McPeek (Winnipeg, MB)
  2. Ian Storebo (Calgary, AB)

D Singles

  1. Marcel Grimard (Airdire, AB)
  2. Samuel Graham (Sherwood Park, AB)

Accessible Singles

  1. Eden Wiseman (Burlington, ON)
  2. Joshua Tansley (Grimsby, ON)

Men’s 45+ Singles

  1. Randy Van Achte (Estevan, SK)
  2. Hector Avila Prado (Airdire, AB)

Men’s 60+ Singles

  1. Ken Storozuk (Chillwack, BC)
  2. Cam Bourque (St. Albert, AB)

Men’s 65+ Singles

  1. Michael Smith (Vancouver, B)
  2. Manny Gregorio (Edmonton, AB)

Men’s 70+ Singles

  1. Hugh Rose (Vancouver, BC)
  2. Bruce Robinson (Regina, SK)

Men’s 75+ Singles

  1. Peter Callioux (Langley, BC)
  2. Steve Hendry (Victoria, BC)

Doubles Divisions

Women’s Open Doubles

  1. Frédérique Lambert (Montréal, QC) / Michèle Morissette (Baie-Comeau, QC)
  2. Juliette Parent (Saint-Jacques, QC) / Marjolaine Parent (Saint-Jacques, QC)
  3. Danielle Drury (Saskatoon, SK) / Christine Keay (New Westminster, BC)

Men’s Open Doubles

  1. Christian Pocsai (New Hamburg, ON) / Trevor Webb (Kitchener, ON)
  2. Samuel Murray (Baie-Comeau, QC) / Tommy Murray (St-Basile-le-Grand, QC)
  3. Mitch Brayley (Calgary, AB) / Lee Connell (Saskatoon, SK)

Boy’s 14U Doubles

  1. Oren Gouldie (Brandon, MB) / Jialin Li (Brandon, MB)
  2. Nathan Buller (Grande Prairie, AB) / Samuel Graham (Sherwood Park, AB)

Junior Badge 4+ Doubles

  1. Julia Verrall (Grimsby, ON) / Landon Verrall (Grimsby, ON)
  2. Ariana Buller (Grande Prairie, AB) / Jace Buller-Aubin (Grande Prairie, AB)

Elite Doubles

  1. James McIntosh (Regina, SK) / Darcy Shaw (Regina, SK)
  2. Randy Pentland (Calgary, AB) / Randy Van Achte (Estevan, SK)

 A Doubles

  1. Len Slamko (Okotoks, AB) / Glen Yaretz (Calgary, AB)
  2. Barry Bradshaw (Edmonton, AB) / Chris Ebel (Edmonton, AB)

B Doubles

  1. Luis Anchondo (Calgary, AB) / Jim Scott (Calgary, AB)
  2. Tyler Donaldson (Airdire, AB) / Bruce Karaki (Brooks, AB)

C Doubles

  1. Trevor Davies (Calgary, AB) / Ian Storebo (Calgary, AB)
  2. Mason McPeek (Winnipeg, MB) / Sam Rosales (Winnipeg, MB)

Mixed A Doubles

  1. Joanne Ditommaso / Jeff Swartz (Vancouver, BC)
  2. Pete Olynick (Winnipeg, MB) / Cher Allen (Winnipeg, MB)

Mixed B Doubles

  1. Michael Smith (Vancouver, BC) / Gwen Smoluk (Winnipeg, MB)
  2. Jess Walsh (Regina, SK) / James Walsh (St. John’s, NL)

Men’s 45+ Doubles

  1. Darrell Drohomerski (Drumheller, AB) / Randy Pentland (Calgary, AB)
  2. Allen Bauman (St. Albert, AB) / Jeff Miller (Spruce Grove, AB)

Men’s 65+ Doubles

  1. Hugh Rose (Vancouver, BC) / Michael Smith (Vancouver, BC)
  2. Robert Popowich (Calgary, AB) / Daniel Young (Calgary, AB)