2014 Junior Provincial Team

The SRA would like to congratulate Tanner Prentice, Cassie Prentice, Danielle Drury, Jared Gudereit, Graham Frattinger, and Ian Frattinger on making the Saskatchewan Junior Provincial Team which will represent our province at the Canadian Junior Racquetball Championships April 21-26, 2014 in Grand Prairie, AB.

Team Sask (from back left to front right): Sean Prentice (Asst. Coach), Graham Frattinger, Danielle Drury, Tanner Prentice, Loren Prentice (Head Coach), Ian Frattinger, Jared Gudereit, Cassie Prentice. 




The team will be lead by Head Coach Loren Prentice, who has led our Junior Provincial Team to several national championships in the past. He will be aided by Assistant Coach Sean Prentice. Keep up with Team Saskatchewan’s results online at the Tournament Website.