There are various levels of officiating certification in racquetball. What level you choose to pursue will depend on many factors, the most important of which is what level of play you desire to officiate (provincial, national, international). The following page outlines the various levels of certification and what is required to become certified at each level.

Racquetball Canada Officiating Certification Program

There are five levels in the Racquetball Canada (“RC”) officiating certification program.

Tech A/B: The first step is to be certified as Tech A. This will enable you to referee matches at a sanctioned tournament. A clinic held by a Level 2 or higher referee which covers basic rules and situational analysis will qualify you as Tech A. There is a written exam which must be successfully completed to pass Tech B.

Level 1: The next step is Level 1. This requires completion of a written exam and also displaying a basic level of proficiency while officiating in a sanctioned tournament.

Level 2: Level 2 is achieved by passing the RC level 2 written test which includes knowledge of rules, visual analysis and interpretation of rule application as it pertains to court situations. The emphasis is on game situations, as proper interpretation of the rules is critical. The individual must also achieve a passing grade by refereeing a minimum of two open-level doubles matches and two open-level singles matches. They are observed by two Level 3 referees who use an evaluation form to assess rule knowledge, procedures and rule application.

Level 3: The final step is Level 3 Certification. The accredited Level 2 referee has a one year waiting period in which they practice their skills in sanctioned tournaments. They are then observed by two Level 3 referees, in two open-level doubles matches and two open-level singles matches. Upon passing they will be certified as Level 3 referees.

International: Certification as an international referee can be achieved by attending an international event and passing the written and observational criteria. All RC Level 3 referees are eligible to apply for the officiating positions at international events. Individuals who contribute in local and provincially sanctioned tournaments will be given primary consideration