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Posted on Friday, June 30, 2017 |

Call for Tournament Chair for Racquetball Canada

Application Deadline:    July 31, 2017

Position: Tournament Chair

Contract term:  The contract will commence on September 1st and terminate on August 31st, 2019, with a review in August, 2018.

Job Description:
Position of Tournament Chair

Racquetball Canada’s Sport Development committee (SDC) is looking for a Tournament Chair to solicit and assist the local host committee with the management of the two (2) selection events, Junior Nationals and Nationals.

The duties will include but not limited to:

1) Annually post the call for bids for the four national sanctioned tournaments

2) Review all bids received and present these to the SDC with any information not contained in the bid document and recommendations on the received bids.  

3) Liaise with any of the bidders on items requested to be clarified by the SDC.

4) Advise in writing to the non-successful bidders and indicate, if appropriate, where their bids did not meet the benchmark for hosting.

5) Once bids are awarded liaise with the successful bidder to ensure the hosting contract is signed timely and set up a task time line.  Continue to ensure that the tasks in the timeline are met.

6) Review the bid packages biennially and recommend changes to the SDC.

7) Provide a post event summary in writing to the SDC, which will be shared with the Executive.

8) The position requires variable hours of work including evenings, weekends and availability during events in progress.

9) In the event of no bids being received, will seek a location to host the sanctioned tournament and ensure there is a local contact to assist in delivery of the event.

10) Assist RC and the local committee with preparing the scripts for opening and closing ceremonies or banquet.

11) To represent RC during these events and to not put the association in harm’s way.  Ensure that conduct and demeanor is professional always.

12)  Communicate to RC or the Draw-Master any changes to entries – problems with ability of a player to enter a tournament or withdrawals that may occur.

13) May be asked to sit as a member of the Sport Development Committee.

Essential Qualifications

• Experience as a tournament director
• Experience working with a volunteer organization
• Experience and knowledge of Racquetball

Knowledge and abilities:

  • Microsoft Office tools, Excel, email, and use of web including the R2 site.
  • Knowledge of draw formats most notably Round Robin and Olympic formats.
  • Ability to communicate orally and written word.
  • Knowledge of the policies of Racquetball Canada


Asset Qualifications
Experience as a Racquetball player and/or coach would be an asset.
Experience in a similar position with another Racquetball (or other sports) organization.

The contract will be for $1000.00 paid out in increments of $250.00 after satisfactory completion of each event, including a post event report.

Applicants should email their questions and résumé to Director of Sport Development  with a copy to the National Office

Close date is July 31st, 2017 11:59PM Eastern.  

Contact Information:
Racquetball Canada