Tim Landeryou Retires from National Team

Tim Landeryou of Saskatoon has announced his retirement from national team competition. Landeryou is one of Saskatchewan’s most successful provincial, national and international racquetball athletes in the history of the sport.

“While I recognize it’s the right time to move on, I do so with a heavy heart,” said Landeryou. “There have been very few experiences in my life more enjoyable than those I’ve had through my career with racquetball. I have traveled a good part of this world, and have made some amazing friends in every country I’ve been to, but especially here in Canada. I’ve truly been blessed and I will miss the people and competition like crazy!”

Landeryou has represented Canada at 14 major elite international tournaments and has been on the podium 10 times at the Pan Am Games, World Championships and Pan Am Championships. He made his mark immediately at the international level, winning gold in men’s doubles in his first international tournament in 2010. His success continued throughout his career, winning 3 Pan Am Games medals, 4 medals at the World Championships and 3 Pan Am Championships medals.

Loren Prentice, Landeryou’s personal coach and national team coach recalls the early years. “Tim and his brother James started playing racquetball and squash at RiverRacquet in 1993.  They both took part in a summer camp and continued in our regular program that fall. Tim was 9-years old at the time so I’ve basically watched him grow up. As the years went by, Tim continued to grow on the strategic side.. hitting a wide variety of serves and moving his opponents around during the rally but he also developed the skills needed to kill balls from a variety of heights. He wasn’t a power player but was certainly one of the best shooters.

Tim has always been a student of the game. He started coaching when he was a teenager and was always eager to help others. At that time, he worked with some of the juniors at RiverRacquet and has continued to mentor some of our younger players the past few years. During his stint in Calgary, he worked with a group of players who benefitted from his expertise. I’m sure in the coming years Tim will get more involved with coaching as his kids get older.

Landeryou has a long history with the sport at the provincial level, first taking up the racquet as a 9 year old at the River Racquet Club in Saskatoon in 1993. As an 8 time Junior Provincial Champion and 10 time Provincial Open Champion, he has left a lasting legacy on the sport in Saskatchewan. His achievements at the provincial, national and international level, beginning as a junior athlete, have inspired others following in his footsteps.

Lee Connell, who has been a provincial and national teammate of Landeryou’s, speaks about that impact. “Tim was the very first person I played when I showed up to Saskatoon’s River Racquet Athletic Club before my first Racquetball lesson. He beat me 15-1 with a rental racquet,” said Connell. “I felt a little bit better about it when I saw his picture on the wall along with other junior national medalists. Over the years, as I got much better and more experienced, my results against Tim did not improve much. He was an extremely tough opponent; one of the very best players to ever come out of Saskatchewan. But much of that sting was diminished because he was such a great friend and training partner. I would not have become the player I am today without Tim and the many long hours on the road to tournaments would not have been as much fun.”

Connell added, “I’ve been fortunate to have shared so many great years in the sport with Tim. Racquetball in Canada, and especially Saskatchewan, were made better through Tim’s contributions and he will be greatly missed. I’d like to congratulate him on a wonderful career and wish him even greater success going forward.”

Landeryou has also contributed at the provincial level as a sport administrator, acting in the capacity of the Saskatchewan Racquetball Association’s Executive Director from 2013 to 2015 and through his ongoing work with official’s development.

Karla Drury, the President of the Saskatchewan Racquetball Association praises Tim’s contribution. “Tim has been a valuable member of our provincial team who represented Saskatchewan and country with pride. We thank Tim for his commitment to his sport and the province throughout his career and wish him all the best for the future.”

For more information and further testimonials about Tim Landeryou’s accomplishments and sport legacy please read Racquetball Canada’s announcement related to his retirement. (LINK)

Career Highlights

  • 2 time Pan Am Games athlete, winning bronze in doubles in 2011 and 2015 and bronze in the Men’s Team Event in 2015.
  • 4 World Championship medals in Men’s Doubles and Team Events (3 silver, 1 bronze)
  • 3 Pan Am Championships medals in Men’s Doubles and Team Events (3 bronze)
  • 17 Canadian Championship medals in singles and doubles (6 silver, 11 bronze)
  • Numerous podium finishes at national team selection events
  • 10 time Saskatchewan Provincial Open Champion (2004, 2006 to 2013, 2019)
  • 4 year Junior National Team Member
  • 2 time Junior National Singles Champion (2001, 2002) and 2 time Junior National Doubles Champion (1999, 2003)
  • 8 time Junior Provincial Champion (various age groups from 1996 to 2003)

Tim had posted a farewell video on his facebook page at this link. You will also be able to find it on the Saskatchewan Racquetball Association’s Facebook page.

Click here to read the Racquetball Canada announcement regarding Landeryou’s retirement. You can also find his national team biography at this link.


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