About Us

Mission Statement

To establish, maintain, conduct and promote interest and participation in the Sport of Racquetball from the grassroots to the elite levels across the province, by providing appropriate facilities, programs and services.



The Saskatchewan Racquetball Association strives to establish an amateur sport that will create a unique competitive environment at all levels, thereby creating respect, fun, fitness and lifelong social relationships for all.


Core Values


  • Racquetball can be played for enjoyment and social activities are an inherent part of the sport.
  • Racquetball is a lifelong sport that can be enjoyed as an individual, with friends and as a family
  • Racquetball is a fun, satisfying activity that creates a sense of belonging in a larger community and leads to lifelong friendships and a willingness to give back to the sport


Lifelong Health and Fitness

  • Racquetball contributes to a healthy lifestyle that offers physical activity and psychological benefits to all who participate.
  • Racquetball is a sport that is accessible at any age of level of ability.


Pursuit of individual excellence

  • Racquetball players can  set and achieve goals whether it be a world championship medal or improved skills and fitness
  • Participants can achieve their potential through dedication, discipline and perseverance in competition against themselves or others.
  • Success is the result of the pursuit of the highest standards of excellence by officials, coaches and administrators in carrying out their roles and responsibilities


Character Development

  • Through Racquetball, youth and adults learn to be self-motivated, dedicated and independent, develop a strong work ethic and appreciate that benefits and rewards follow from discipline and sacrifice.
  • What is learned in racquetball are lessons for life that help build valuable members of society



  • Integrity is the foundation of all activity, from competition to decision-making to communication, and obligates all to be knowledgeable and responsible in their actions.
  • Integrity requires an environment of fair play- where rules are known and respected by all, and where cheating is unacceptable and results in sanctions.
  • Integrity requires intolerance for inequities created by ability, gender, age, region or culture, bias, prejudice or the abuse of power or position.